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The first point of contact for most library users, Access Services includes: Circulation, Reserves, Interlibrary Loan, and Gifts & Exchange. We are located on the second floor. For any additional information, call us at 985-448-4654

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Circulation Rules

The main circulation desk is located on the second floor of the library. This is where materials on the second floor may be checked out. This also is where most reserve materials are kept.

Check-out privileges are granted to all currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and courtesy card users at Nicholls State University. For students, faculty, and staff, the NSU Colonel Card (campus I.D.) serves as the library card.

Community members not affiliated with Nicholls can purchase courtesy cards (valid for one year, limited privileges) at the circulation desk for $12.

Most of the items in the library circulate. However, there are some which do not. These are noted in our catalog as “non-circulating.”

Loan Periods

    Students          Faculty/Staff           Courtesy cards  
  Books   3 weeks   End of semester   3 weeks
  Most videos, CDs        3 days   7 days   3 days
  Most reserves   4 Hours *   4 Hours *   4 Hours *

* These items must be used in the library department they are housed in.


You may renew an item up to 3 times (as long as if it is NOT overdue and if another patron has not placed a hold on the item you have checked out).

To renew items:

– Go to the circulation desk before the due date. Bring your Colonel Card.
– Items can be renewed online if your account with the library is in good standing (no overdues, lost items, etc.).

For students, your “User ID” is your third party ID (first part of your Nicholls email).
Your “pin” is your BANNER Number (N Number).


Each overdue item accrues a fine of $0.25/day.

If you return overdue materials in person (brought to the circulation desk, not via the book returns), fines may be paid at that time. If fines are not paid when the items are returned, billing will be handled through the Controller’s Office.

Fines for circulating reserve materials are:
– 2- or 4-hour checkouts: $0.60/hour
– Overnight, 3- or 7-day checkouts: $1.20/day

Lost Items

Non-returned items are considered “lost” after 40 days past the due date.

After 50 days, the patron is billed for:

Book cost ** $63.56 **
Accrued fines
(not to exceed $10.00 per item)
Processing fee
($5.00 per item)
$ 5
Total: $78.56 **

** Represents an average book cost only.

The replacement cost of any given book can be much higher.


Course reserves are placed by a faculty member for a course or a list of courses.  To place and list an item on course reserves, each instructor using the reserve item(s) must fill out the online or print (Word) version of the form each semester. The reserving faculty sets limitations on how long an item may be borrowed.

Items that are on reserve and available for use include:

· DVDs

· CDs

· Anatomy Models

· Articles

· Books

· Flashcards

Interlibrary Loan

Electronic Interlibrary Loan Request
Using the electronic system, first create a profile at ILLiad. The first time, go to “First Time Users” to establish an account. Only one profile can exist per person. After ILL personnel have verified the account holder’s rights, use the system to make Interlibrary Loan requests and track the progress of your requests online. The username and password allow subsequent access to the system. If there are any questions, please call the Interlibrary Loan office at 985-448-4633.
Purpose of Interlibrary Loan
Ellender Memorial Library offers ILL services as a supplement to the library’s physical and electronic collection. Since no library can possibly contain all published information, institutions cooperate to advance scholarship and learning. Interlibrary loans are intended to give access to materials Ellender Memorial Library does not own. As such, the current collection must be searched before placing an ILL request. This service is a privilege, not a right. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that if a request is submitted, the material will be loaned.
Location and Service Hours
The Interlibrary Loan office is located on the second floor of the Library in Room 223. The office is open from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Materials may be picked up or returned to Access Services during regular library hours. Patrons are encouraged to return items directly to Access Services. Items damaged due to deposition in the library’s external drop box are the patron’s responsibility. Patrons need to remain cognizant of university and public holidays as these dates affect lending and borrowing capabilities.
Who May Use Interlibrary Loan
ILL services may be used by NSU enrolled students, faculty, staff, retirees, and other Ellender Memorial Library cardholders with an acceptable borrowing status.
Materials Available Through ILL
The lending libraries’ discretion and policies determine what materials and media are lent. Types of materials that are usually obtained through interlibrary loan include books, theses and dissertations, and periodical articles in accordance with copyright law.
Materials Not Available Through ILL
Materials not available through interlibrary loan include, but are not limited to materials that are: temporarily in use, on reserve, in special collections or the Archives, currently owned by this library, journal volumes, recent newspapers, reference materials, and audio/visual materials and films.
How To Use Interlibrary Loan
Before submitting the request, check the online catalogs to ensure material is not available in or through the library. After confirming that the item is not locally available, complete the ILLiad request. This includes the date items are no longer needed and the amount a patron is willing to pay ($0 is acceptable). Completed forms will be processed as they are received. Incomplete forms cause processing delays and request cancellations.
Length of Time To Receive Material
Ellender Memorial Library’s goal is to process the ILL request within the same working day. The length of time for requested material to arrive depends on several factors such as completeness of forms, response time of the lending library, and transit time. Generally, a minimum of 6-8 working days is needed to search, process, and receive each request. Always plan ahead when scheduling research and requesting ILL materials.
Number of Items Limit
Patrons are limited to 20 outstanding ILL requests at one time. In addition, only five requests per patron per day, up to the limit of 20, will be processed.
Many libraries in the state and region have ILL reciprocal agreements and there are no fees or photocopy charges.. Every effort is made to locate the lending libraries that do not charge a fee. The requesting patron is responsible for payment which must be rendered when the patron checks out the material. Non-payment of ILL charges can result in the suspension of Library borrowing privileges.
Loan Period
The lending library sets loan periods and other restrictions. Ellender Memorial Library will strictly enforce all limitations the lender requests. Books are not normally renewed, but if a renewal is necessary, the patron should contact the ILL librarian at least four days ahead of the due date. Renewals too are at the discretion of the lending library.
When the material arrives, the patron will be notified by email. Material can be picked up at Access Services on the second floor of the library. Patrons should collect their materials promptly, because loan periods include the time between receipt from the lending library and collection by the patron.
Returning Material
All physical materials borrowed should be returned to Access Services on the second floor of the library. Patrons must leave the ILL identification paper band on the book. Again, patrons are responsible for borrowed material until it is safely returned to ILL personnel. Patrons should return items punctually. To do otherwise jeopardizes all future borrowing privileges.

Gifts & Exchange

Ellender Memorial Library Gifts and Exchange Staff  accepts books, magazines, and other items as gifts.  Prior to donation, the donor signs and submits an itemized Materials Donation Form, which indicates the donor’s  preference as to the return of materials deemed unsuitable for the library.  Collection Development Librarians determine collection suitability.  The library’s Administrative Assistant will send to the donor both a letter acknowledging the gift and a copy of the donation form.  Copies are kept on file.  Federal law prohibits the library from making monetary assessments.  If they are desired, appraisals and itemized descriptions of donations are the responsibility of the donor.

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