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The Ellender Library faculty is committed to providing the best possible information resources and research assistance to the Nicholls community. Please let us know how we can be of assistance by using the following links, or by contacting your subject liaison directly.

Find your subject liaison in the table to the right.

Schedule a class: We offer walking tours of the library as well as bibliographic instruction and research methods sessions, which can be taught in either your classroom or the Ellender lab. 

Recommend a purchase: Let us know how the library can support your department's research by recommending resources to your subject liaison. 

Log in a library-based assignment: Help the librarians to better advise your students on any assignments that require research by letting us know the specifics of the assignment. You can copy and paste the assignment from your syllabi and/or policy sheets directly into this form.

Library feedback: Use this form to submit comments about the library. Please provide a name and email if you would like a response.

Faculty Resources

  Subject Areas   Liaison
  Accounting   Van Viator
  Art   Van Viator
  Astronomy   Anke Tonn
  Athletic Training   Van Viator
  Biological Sciences   Anke Tonn
  Business Administration   Van Viator
  Business Law   Van Viator
  Chemistry   Anke Tonn
  Communicative Disorders   Van Viator
  Computer Information Systems   Van Viator
  Computer Science   Van Viator
  Culinary   Michael Arseneau
  Dietetics   Hayley Johnson
  Economics   Van Viator
  Education   Van Viator
  Family and Consumer Science   Van Viator
  Finance   Van Viator
  Foreign Languages   Van Viator
  Geography   Hayley Johnson
  Geology   Anke Tonn
  Geomatics   Anke Tonn
  Government   Michael Arseneau
  Health Sciences   Anke Tonn
  History   Helen Thomas
  Literature   Van Viator
  Management   Van Viator
  Maritime Management   Van Viator
  Marketing   Van Viator
  Mass Communication   Hayley Johnson
  Mathematics   Van Viator
  Music   Anke Tonn
  Nursing   Anke Tonn
  PETSM   Hayley Johnson
  Physics   Anke Tonn
  Psychology and Counselor Education   Van Viator
  Sociology   Michael Arseneau