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Intro to Info Lit Classes

Asychronous classes teaching about information literacy for student use, or faculty to assign.

Class 1 heading

Class 1

You Online!: How to Be a Good Digital Citizen

Welcome to the first Intro to Info Lit class. Please read all instructions in full and read over the information on the Accessibility & Technology Tips page. 



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Step 1: Instructions

Step 1: Play Kahoot Game, Score 4000+ Points

  • Kahoot will assign you a nickname. Write it down for Step 3 so we can get you a completion badge.
  • The game has 3 parts.
    • Part 1 and Part 2 have ungraded questions. You must answer each question, but they will not count against you if you get them wrong.
    • Part 3 is graded. You must get 4/6 correct to receive credit.
  • After you watch each video, click “Got it” in the top right to go to the next slide.
  • Please watch each video. The questions on the quiz at the end will ask about information in the video.

Class 1: Kahoot

Class 1 steps heading class survey

Step 2: Class Survey & Badge Information

Class 1 survey

Class 1: Badge survey