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Intro to Info Lit Classes

Asychronous classes teaching about information literacy for student use, or faculty to assign.

Class 6 instructions

Class 6: Navigating Information

Welcome to the sixth Intro to Info Lit class. To complete this class, please read instructions in the modules, complete the tutorial, watch the videos, and answer questions on Padlet.


Step 1: Intro to Searching as Exploration

Often during research, you need to find answers to complex questions to investigate and analyze. You are likely to not find what you need the first time you look for it, and this is ok! Like everything in research, finding useful information is a process. Think of searching for information as discovering many answers through many searches instead of finding one, right answer with one search. 

For our first step in this module, please complete the 5 sections of this tutorial on Searching as Exploration:

Step 2 of Navigating Info

Step 2: Navigating Information is a Process

In this step, you'll be watching a video discussing the importance of being strategic when doing research and discover ways to sail smoothly through the searching process. The video also discusses the main activity for this module which is creating a KWHL chart in Padlet. What is KWHL? Find out in the video below:


Step 3: Topics in CQ researcher

Step 3: Choosing a Topic (optional)

If you already have a topic in mind to research, you can skip this module and continue to Step 4. The following information is for those of you needing a topic or wanting to learn more about the database CQ Researcher Plus Archive.

It is important that you have a topic to research for completion of this class. In Step 4, you will research a topic. In Step 5, you will complete the KWHL chart in Padlet using the research on your topic.


Watch the video below to learn how to use CQ Researcher Plus Archive to find a topic. Then use the link below the video to browse this database for topic ideas.  



Click the logo for access

Step 4: Searching

Step 4: Topic Exploration through Searching

For this module, you'll be using the web and library resources to conduct research on your chosen topic. [Go back to Step 3 if you need help with choosing a topic] 


  • Before you start searching, watch the following 2 videos for tips on searching. 
  • Find 1 web source and 1 library source to add to the KWHL Chart in in Step 5.


screenshot of H section in KWHL chart


Pay attention to the strategies for creating keywords and search terms.

You will list the search terms you used in the “How” section of the KWHL chart.






Optional: for more tips on searching the library's databases, watch our other videos on the Nicholls Library YouTube channel.  

Step 5: KWHL Padlet

Step 5: KWHL Chart on Padlet

In our last step, you will be adding information about your topic into a KWHL Chart using the Padlet Website for the Class ( 


This activity is designed to provoke critical thinking about information sources throughout the research process. 


recall your prior knowledge of the subject

consider what you want to learn about your topic during research consider how will you find information on your topic describe what you have learned after completing research


Watch a video demonstration of the steps. The written steps are below the video. 

When you've completed the chart, close Padlet and return to the class module to continue to Step 6.


Here are the steps for adding to the KWHL Chart in Padlet:

  • Go to the Padlet for this class titled KWHL Chart. 
  • Add to the chart by clicking the plus sign (+) under each column. There are 7 columns total.
  • Type your answer to the question in the column. Repeat this until you've answered all 7 questions.
  • Change the color of your posts so they don't match the row above. To do this, hover your cursor over the right corner and click the "More" button represented by an ellipsis (...). 
  • Use the same color on all 7 of your posts. 

Tip #1: You will have to provide 2 sources with links. Copy/Paste the title to put in the Padlet. Then copy/paste the link to the source. Use the link icon to paste a copied URL.


Tip #2: The link to the library source must be a permanent link (permalink). Copying the URL from the top of the web browser won't work. If you need more help with finding the permanent link, watch the demo video in this module and/or the "3 Strategies for Better Searching" YouTube video in the previous module. 




Class 6 steps heading Survey

Step 6: Class Survey & Badge Information

Info Lit class Survey

Badge survey