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Book Search Tips

Use BOOLEAN searching to narrow or broaden your results. Boolean describes the connecting word you use between your search terms such as AND, OR, & NOT. Using these connectors allows you the ability to link search terms, so you can find articles that address multiple subjects.

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Using AND between words will search for all records with BOTH or ALL search terms applied.  
If you use NOT between the terms, it will search for the FIRST word in your search string and NOT the other.  

Finding Sociology Books on the Shelf

Ellender Memorial Library is in the process of switching our classification to Library of Congress. In the meantime, some books are cataloged using Library of Congress, and others are still cataloged using the Dewey Decimal. The lists below include call numbers where you can BROWSE the shelves to find something that interests you. Books from similar subject areas can be found together.


Dewey Decimal 

301   Sociology and anthropology

302   Social interaction

303   Social processes

304   Factors affecting social behavior

305   Groups of people

306   Culture and institutions

307   Communities


‚ÄčLibrary of Congress

HM401-1281: Sociology (General).

HM435-477: History of sociology. History of sociological theory.

HM461-473: Schools of sociology. Schools of social thought.

HM481-554: Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects.

HM621-656: Culture.

HM661-696: Social control.

HM701: Social systems.

HM706: Social structure.

HM711-806: Groups and organizations.

HM756-781: Community.

HM786-806: Organizational sociology. Organization theory.

HM811-821: Deviant behavior. Social deviance.

HM826: Social institutions.

HM831-901: Social change.

HM1001-1281: Social psychology.

HM1041-1101: Social perception. Social cognition.

HM1106-1171: Interpersonal relations. Social behavior.

HM1176-1281: Social influence. Social pressure.