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Presentation and Printing Resources: Poster Printing


You must have an appointment to print. Use the button below to schedule a printing appointment.



  • Use of the Library's poster printer is solely for:

    1) Students who are:

    -Participating in University Expeaux

    -Participating in other on-campus official research functions such as

    Undergraduate Humanities Symposium

    Honors Thesis Research Symposium

    -Participating in verified off-campus research competitions

    2) Academic faculty's external scholastic presentations

    3) Support the University Library's mission

    Nicholls faculty and students who need to have a poster printed in order to participate in research presentations should complete use the "Schedule Appointment" link above. 

    For those poster printing needs that cannot be served through the Library, the Office of University Printing and Design Services is available.


    * Please note that only one poster is permitted for each student or group. Please be sure to thoroughly review the poster design and content prior to giving approval to print to Library staff.

Poster Printing Recommendations




The two paper sizes we have are 24" and 42" wide. Your poster will end up with extra white space if it is not 24" or 42" along one side, and we do not have a paper cutter. Here is an example of how a 36"x48" poster will fit the 42" paper. There is an extra 6" of white space left on the bottom of the posterMost people print 48"(width) x 42" (height), but you could do something smaller by using something like 42" (width) x 36"(height).


                example of how a 36"x48" poster will fit the 42" paper.



large portion of the posters end up being printed at the very last minute. Please try to print earlier or at least schedule the time they want to print as early as possible. We have one person to print posters, which is why scheduling an appointment is extremely important and waiting until the day before your event is risky. 

Poster Printing examples