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Reserve a Study Space

Sorry, renovations are happening this summer, so there are limited study rooms available. Please see the staff at the desk for assistance. Thanks for your understanding! 


Reserve a Space


The Ellender Library has the following rooms and spaces that you can reserve. Click the room below to complete the registration form to reserve the room. All study rooms do not have to be reserved but can be if you are trying to plan a study session in advanced. Study rooms are used by faculty, staff, and/or students only. 

Individual Study Room

Perfect for those who need a study space free of distractions. These rooms are equipped with plenty of outlets to charge your laptops, phones, or any other devices. 


These rooms are available first come first serve and do not require a checkout period.  

Group Study Rooms:

  • Whiteboard accessories will stay in rooms
  • If room is empty any time after the first 15 min, the booking may be removed for another group. Exceptions made if contact is made.
  • Renewals can be requested at the front desk.

To Reserve

  • See the staff at the circulation desk on the second floor.