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What is this? How can I use it?

What is this? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to virtual classrooms was swift. Several academic publishers, presses, and other vendors (museums, opera houses, etc.) responded by opening up part of their collections for temporary access. 

We at Ellender Memorial Library have tried to break down these resources into more easily navigated groups. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at or via our chat on our homepage  



*A note from Affordable Learning LA/LOUIS on library collections that will be available long-term:

As the educational community responds to COVID-19, I wanted to share some online resources that are free or affordable. Students may be experiencing greater financial stress than usual if they’re not able to work due to the coronavirus. These resources and tools will continue to be free to you and your students after the crisis is over. 

 Below are some places to start finding free and open resources. Feel free to contact me with your topic or learning objectives, and I will look for you!

  • LOUIS OER Commons:  Search for openly-licensed free resources. Use the Advanced Search > Course Alignments to find resources aligned to the courses most commonly taught in LA.
  • Open Textbook Library. Read peer reviews and access open textbooks being used across the world.
  • Openstax. High-quality, peer-reviewed, open textbooks on introductory topics. Students can buy print copies. See their blog post on Teaching online with OpenStax to support emerging social distancing requirements. OpenStax has quiz banks, slides, and other ancillaries freely available for instructors who sign up with them. OpenStax Allies offer competitively-priced homework platforms that work with OpenStax books, and many of them are waiving costs right now.
  • Lumen Learning. Offers a wide array of open content that you can access for free. Their Waymaker and OHM modules are low-cost homework platforms that can be integrated with Moodle, Canvas , and other learning management systems.

The library also has a robust collection of e-books. All these collections allow for an unlimited number of simultaneous users and are DRM-free, meaning students can save for offline use: