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DIET 201: Applied Nutrition Lab

What is research?

What is research?

Investigating all the sides of an issue or topic; informing yourself; becoming knowledgeable; looking for any kind of information and analyzing that information; synthesizing information from multiple places to form an opinion or conclusion. 


The Research Process

  1. Identify what you need to know.
  2. Identify the best places to find that information and look for it there.
  3. Evaluate the information.
  4. Synthesize the information to answer your research questions while pointing the reader/listener to the places you got your information from.


Research in Dietetics & Nutrition

  • Research in Dietetics demands demographic & statistical information
  • Nutrition research demands testing & reliable sources
  • The US Government is a reliable source of information for both (hint: a ton of their published information can be found online OR in our Government Information Department located on the third floor of the library!)