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Your guide to all things finance.

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How to Search eLibrary

The drop down menu above gives you several options for searching:

Keyword: This will search for the term in all areas of the record. Keep your topic to its key concepts for this search.

Author: Use if you know the author's name. You can enter just the last name of the author, or if you know their full name enter is as last name, first name (Example: Dickens, Charles).

Title: Enter either the full title or just a few keywords from the title.  

Subject: This is helpful if you are looking for numerous books on a topic. To the right are some suggestions of subject headings that may be useful in your research. 

The POWER SEARCH link will give you many options to choose from when searching for a book including keyword, author, title, subject, and periodical title. Use these options together for a more concentrated search. You can even change the drop down boxes to search more than one subject or keyword at a time. 

The CALL NUMBER search allows you to search for a book by its call number. Call numbers for Finance topics can be found in the column below.  

Finding Finance Books on the Shelf

Ellender Memorial Library is in the process of switching our classification to Library of Congress. In the meantime, some books are cataloged using Library of Congress, and others are still cataloged using the Dewey Decimal. The lists below include call numbers where you can BROWSE the shelves to find something that interests you. Books from similar subject areas can be found together.

Library of Congress

HG1-9999 -- Finance

HG178 -- Liquidity

HG179 -- Personal Finance

HG201-1496 -- Money

HG1501-3550 -- Banking

HG3691-3769 -- Credit

HG3810-4000 -- Foreign exchange. International finance. International monetary system

HG4001-4285 -- Finance management. Business finance.

HG4301-4480.9 -- Trust services. Trust companies

HG4501-6051 -- Investment, capital formation, speculation

HG6105-6270.9 -- Lotteries

HG8011-9999 -- Insurance

HJ9-9940 -- Public finance

HJ241-1620 -- By region or country

HJ2005-2216 -- Income and expenditure. Budget

HJ2240-5908 -- Revenue. Taxation. Internal revenue

HJ6603-7390 -- Customs administration

HJ7461-7980 -- Expenditures. Government spending

HJ8001-8899 -- Public debts

HJ9103-9695 -- Local finance. Municipal finance

HJ9701-9940 -- Public accounting. Auditing

Subject Headings to Help Your Search

Subject Headings

  • Business Administration
  • Debt
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Income
  • Inflation
  • Money
  • Wealth

New Finance Books

Reference Books


Use these databases and books to learn more about your topic.

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Fondly known as "Wikipedia for Academics," Credo's Literati is a great place to begin your research, particularly for topics you aren't very familiar with. Use this resource to search multiple reference books (dictionaries, thesauri, handbooks, etc.) at once, or search in a particular book listed below.

CQ Researcher is the place to begin for your persuasive or point/counterpoint papers or speech topics. Use this resource to get information on current controversial topics.