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Research Process

Thesis Introduction

Thesis Statement

One of the most important components to any essay is having an effective thesis statement!

Explanation of a thesis statement

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is the main point of your essay. Usually composed of one or two sentences, the thesis statement tells the reader what your paper is about. It should be debatable and not a statement of fact. Aside from guiding the reader, it also helps you while you are writing to keep your paper focused.

Thesis Graphic

Tips for writing a thesis

Tips for writing a working thesis statement!

After you have identified and developed your research topic, formulate a good research question that can help you create your thesis statement. Your thesis should answer your research question, challenge the reader, and be supported by evidence. 

When creating your thesis statement, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my thesis statement clear and specific?

Be sure your thesis is as specific and clear as possible so the reader knows what your essay is about. Remember, as with the research process, your thesis is a work in progress and you may end up revising it in order to accommodate your research.

  • Is my thesis statement too broad or general?

Having a thesis statement that is too broad can lead you to having too much information that may not be relevant. You want to be very clear and specific with your argument and provide as much detail on your specific points so readers know exactly what is going on in your essay.

  • Where do I put my thesis statement? 

Generally, your thesis should appear early on in your essay in order to effectively state your claim and guide the reader.


Video on Thesis Statement

Check out this video on writing thesis statements! 

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