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Government Information

World Government Resources

Canada's Parliament. Includes Senate and House directories and the following legislative resources. Most of these are full text.

Consolidated Statutes & Regulations. Includes links to the Consolidated Statutes, a Table of Public Statutes, annual statutes issued since the latest consolidation, and Constitutional Laws of Canada.

Finding and Using Canadian Parliamentary Information. Guide to debates, journals, sessional papers, and committee reports (York University).

Official Canadian Home Page. Information about Canada and the government of Canada. Includes a section specially for Non-Canadians.

Canadian Information by Subject. An information service developed by the National Library of Canada to provide links to information about Canada from Internet resources around the world.

Statistics Canada. Statistical agency for the government of Canada. Includes links to a number of free economic and demographic indicators on-line, as well as the Canadian Census.

European Union Official site of the European Union

European Government Information Links to European government information resources. Provided by the University of California-Berkeley Libraries.

Eurodocs Primary historical documents from Western Europe.


Osterreichischen Parlament Features a database of selected Parliamentary documents, stenographic minutes, etc.

Republic Oesterreich Bundeskanzleramt - Rechtsinformatiossystem - RIS Republic of Austria - Office of the Federal Chancellor Legal Information System. Official site with full text of laws and decisions.


Federal Government Online Information on the monarchy, officials, and members of Parliament.

Senat de Belgique. Includes electronic version of the Periodical of the Senate (see section on documentation).


Retsinformation Includes legislation adopted in the past 15 years and current legilsative proposals in Danish.

Folketinget Parliament database. Includes recent law proposals.


FINLEX Database of Finnish legislation with a list of changes made on any law or decree published in the Finnish Official Gazette since 1734.


Assemblée Nationale Official website of the National Assembly

Senat Official website of the Senate.

LegiFrance Portal to French law on the Internet, with full-text access to legislation, regulations and case law.

Le Journal officiel Online version of the Official Journal of France.


Dokumentations- und Informationssystem für Parlamentarische Vorgänge Includes legislative materials, draft bills, minutes of plenary sessions, activities of the Bundestag and Bundesrat, and information on parliamentary activities, from 1976.

Der Parlamentsspiegel German federal materials published in the Bundestags- and Bundesrats Drucksachen from 1976, as well as legislative materials of the Laender.

GESTA Short for Gesetzgebungsstand - state of legislative projects. Full text of bills and legislative history documents, with links to the full text of Part I of the Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette) from 1998.

The German Law Archive Includes cases, statutes, literature and bibliographies on German law in English.


Parlamento Italiano Includes bills from the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies from 1996. The Chamber site is also in english.


Publications of the Central Service of Legislation

The Netherlands

Overheid Contains full-text of laws and the Official Gazette from 1995.


Assembleia da Republica Includes the text of legislative initatives (bills) and current and historical parliamentary debates. Available in English.


Rixlex. Swedish parliament directives, reports, proposals, motions, parliamentary minutes, the catalog of the parliamentary library, and more.

Riksdag. Main site for the Swedish parliament. Go to the documents section for debates, decisions, and parliamentary activities (In English).

United Kingdom

UK Public Records Office homepage National Archives of the UK. Includes access to "The Catalogue" of over 9 million files, organized by government department. They also have some excellent parliamentary finding aids.

Hansard Online Searchable online database of Parliamentary debates, available from 1988 to present. Volumes from 1999 are indexed.

African Governments on the World Wide Web. Links to national institutions, representations in foreign countries, political information, and more.

African Development Bank. Premier financial development institution of Africa, dedicated to combating poverty and improving the lives of people of the continent. Includes full-text publications and project reports.

African National Congress. Oldest black political organization in South Africa; prominent in its opposition to apartheid. Site includes the full-text of books, discussion documents, policy papers, and more.

African Union. Premier institution and principal organization for the promotion of accelerated socio-economic integration of the African continent.

Africa South of the Sahara. One of the most comprehensive web portals for Sub-saharan Africa. Fully searchable and browseable by topic (e.g. environment, human rights) and by country/region.

Japan National Diet Library. Key resource for Japanese legislative information. Includes a full-text database of the Diet session proceedings since the 1st session (May 1947). English version available. 

Asian Development Bank. Multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Established in 1966, ADB is now owned 61 members.

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region, currently with a membership of 21 economic jurisdictions.

Asian Governments on the World Wide Web. Nice directory by Gunnar Anzinger. Links to national institutions, representations in foreign countries, political information, and more.

Government & Politics of South Asia. Official websites of South Asian Governments, political parties, information on elections, and more. (South & Southeast Asian Studies, Columbia University).

Accessing Japanese Government Documents. From the University of Hawaii Library. Includes detailed information about the Japanese policy making process and links to the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors.

Chinese Law & Government. Links to Chinese & Taiwanese government institutions, agencies and legal bibliographies.

UTLANIC (UT Austin, Latin American Network Information Center) Comprehensive site of Latin American resources by country, and by subject: media & communication, sustainable development, society & culture, education, recreation, regional resources, science, internet & computing, libraries & reference, and science.

Political Database of the America (Georgetown University) - A non-governmental Internet-based project that provides reference materials, primary documents, comparative studies and statistical data for countries in the Western Hemisphere; constitutions, executive/judicial/legislative institutions, election information and data

Inter-American Development Bank - Established in 1959 to focus on economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Site includes country reports, development and business projects.

Organization of American States - Key organization est. in 1889. Site includes: laws, bilateral agreements, treaties, and issues: human rights, democracy, security, terrorism, drugs, etc.

Israel Official site for the Israeli government.

Palestine Official site for the Palestinian authority. 

Arab League Official site for the League of Arab States.

Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries

Government Documents: Middle East Produced by the American University of Beirut.

Governments on the WWW. Comprehensive database of governmental institutions, including parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, & multi-governmental institutions (Gunnar Anzinger).

Foreign Governments Comprehensive directory of foreign government offices, including key ministries and departments. (Northwestern University).

Election Data Resources on the Internet. Links to Internet sites around the world which provide detailed national and local election statistics, as well as other election resources. (University of Pittsburgh).

Interparliamentary Union (IPU). International organization of Parliaments of sovereign states. Includes: PARLINE, a database of parliamentary elections information and statistics. 

Chiefs of States and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments Include most governments of the world, some not officially recognized by the United States. Regimes with which the United States has no diplomatic exchanges are indicated by the initials NDE. (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency).

Zárate's Political Collections. World political leaders from 1945 - present, women political leaders, and regional political leaders (Roberto Ortíz de Zárate).

Rulers. Contains lists of heads of state and heads of government, or in certain cases, de facto leaders not occupying either of those formal positions) of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700 in most cases.

World Statesmen. Encyclopedia of nations, colonies, international and religious organizations, and other polities, including Country facts, maps, anthems, flags, links, and multiple indexes.

Governments on the Web. Includes comprehensive as well as regional directories of world governments, as well as law courts, foreign representatives and international organizations.

Web Sites of National Parliaments. Alphabetical list of the world's parliaments and Congress (Inter-Parliamentary Union).

Constitution Finder. Index to constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents. Nations of the world are listed alphabetically. (University of Richmond).

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases. Very nice guide with annotations for foreign legal databases, as well as information about international law, environmental law, human rights, and many other topics (NYU Law Library).

U.S. Embassies and Other Diplomatic Missions. Embassy contact information for the United States Government, with links to selected missions to international organizations (U.S. State Dept).

Diplomatic List. Contains the names of members of the diplomatic staff of all U.S. missions and their spouses having diplomatic rank. (U.S. State Dept).

Amnesty International Documents LibraryContains an archive of most Amnesty International reports, news releases and actions published from 1996 to date. Browsable by country, region and theme.

U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets Basic political, economic, historical and cultural information for countries around the world (U.S. State Dept).

Country Studies. Excellent collection of reference books for 102 countries, primarily in the developing world. Each volume contains extensive information on history, politics, economics, culture, and the military (U.S. Library of Congress).

Ethnologue. Catalog of languages and their geographic distribution. (Summer Institute of Linguistics).

Search Engine Colossus. Links to search engines from 195 countries and 38 territories around the world. Multiple search engines are listed for most countries. (International Directory of Search Engines).

World Factbook Key reference book put out by the United States government. Includes extensive information on the people, government, geography, economy and military of countries around the world (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency).