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Research and Instruction

Welcome to the Ellender Library Department of Research and Instruction

Research librarians at Ellender Library are available to assist users with research and documentation during regular library hours. Librarians can help you find accurate and reliable information via the library's resources and can provide instruction about their usage. 

Research librarians can be contacted several ways:

  1. In-person (check in with the desk on the second floor of Ellender Library)
  2. Telephone (985-448-4654, or just ext 4654 if you're on campus)
  3. Email (
  4. Appointment (schedule a time to meet)


Have questions? Contact us, and we'll help you find answers!
We can answer questions remotely, or schedule a one-on-one instruction session to help you with your research.


Teaching faculty can also contact us to request instruction sessions and library tours.


Basic Reference Resources

Try one of these general reference resources to get a feel for a topic, person, event, or whatever you're interested in:


Search the Library Catalog

You can use the search box below to search for resources across the library catalog.
Choose from the drop down menu to search by keyword, title, author, subject, series, or periodical title.

   Advanced Search


General Topics Databases

Databases are a great place to start your search for scholarly articles since they provide the opportunity to search across a huge number of publications at once. A list of general topics databases is available below:


Search Tip: Boolean Searching

Whether you're using the library catalog or searching our EBSCO databases, Boolean searching can help you narrow your search results to a more specific topic. Boolean describes the connecting word you use between your search terms such as AND, OR, & NOT. Using these connectors allows you the ability to link search terms, so you can find articles that address multiple subjects.

These options are sometimes found in drop down menus where you enter your search terms, or you will have to enter them yourself between terms. In EBSCO databases, you can find Boolean terms in drop down menus to the left of the fields where you enter your search terms.

Adding OR between search terms will search for all records with one term OR the other (this is a broader search tool).
Using AND between words will search for all records with BOTH or ALL search terms applied.  
If you use NOT between the terms, it will search for the FIRST word in your search string and NOT the other.