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Players List

 Years Plays and Performances Director
Years Plays and Performances Years
1957 Time Out for Ginger Lera Rowlette Kelly
1958 Goodbye My Fancy Lera Rowlette Kelly
1958 The Hasty Heart Lera Rowlette Kelly
1959 Death Takes a Holiday Lera Rowlette Kelly
1959 Good Housekeeping Lera Rowlette Kelly
1959 Now That Cotton’s Home Lera Rowlette Kelly
1959 Ten Little Indians Lera Rowlette Kelly
1960 The Man Who Came to Dinner Lera Rowlette Kelly
1961 Blithe Spirit Lera Rowlette Kelly
1961 Li’l Abner Lera Rowlette Kelly
1962 The Importance of Being Earnest Lera Rowlette Kelly
1962 The Night of January 16th Lera Rowlette Kelly
1963 A Streetcar Named Desire Mel Berry
1963 Don Juan in Hell  
1963 Final Edition  
1963 Holiday for Lovers  
1963 If Men Played Cards as Women Do  
1963 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Mel Berry
1963 The Stronger  
1963 When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet  
1964 Everyman Verna Jones
1964 Hamlet Max Quertermous
1964 Macbeth Mel Berry
1964 Sandbox Paulette Peeples
1964 The Diary of Anne Frank Mel Berry
1965 South Pacific Mel Berry
1965 The Skin of Our Teeth Mel Berry
1966 The Crucible Mel Berry
1966 The Glass Menagerie Mel Berry
1967 Guest in the House Mel Berry
1967 If Men Played Cards as Women Do Easton Kennedy
1967 Macbeth  
1967 The Medea Mel Berry
1967 Merry Tears Max Quertermous
1967 The Child is Father Mel Berry
1967 The Valiant Emily Gros
1967 Twelve Angry People Mel Berry
1968 Camelot Dean Bonnie Bourg
1968 Horton Hatches the Egg  
[1968] Oedipus the King Mel Berry
1968 Passion, Poison, and Petrification Danny McNamara/ Bruce Findley
1968 The Reluctant Dragon  
1968 The Stake Out Danny McNamara/ Bruce Findley
1968 Tody  
1969 Lute Song Mel Berry
[1969] Satyricon  
1969 Spoon River Anthology Aaron O'Neal
1969 Waiting for Godot Mel Berry
1970 Black Comedy Mel Berry
1970 The Grass Harp Mel Berry
[1971] A View From the Bridge Arthur Miller
1971 It Couldn’t Happen, Could It? Pat Gaudet
1971 Romeo and Juliet Mel Berry
[1971] The Amorous Flea Sister Phyllis Wagner
1972 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp Greg Mullins
1972 Once Upon A Mattress Mel Berry
1972 These are my People, This is my Land Mel Berry
[1973] All the King's Men Mel Berry
1974 She Was Only a Farmer’s Daughter Mel Berry
1974 The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds Mel Berry
[1974] The Flies Mel Berry
1974 Twins Mel Berry
1974 Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone  
[1975] Chère Belle, Chère Bête Mel Berry
[1975] Ex-Miss Copper Queen on a set of Pills Shana Ledet
1975 The Courage Vendor Beth LaBarbera
[1975] The Great Big Doorstep Mel Berry
1975 The Puppet Prince Mel Berry
1976 Cabaret Mel Berry
1976 Happiness is…Christmas Kim Gautreaux
[1976] Memorial Day Joan E. Chadwick
[1976] The Feast Jace Bergeron
[1976] You Can’t Take It with You Mel Berry
[1977] A Streetcar Named Desire Mel Berry
1977 Marat Sade Mel Berry
1977 Once Upon A Mattress Mel Berry
1978 Stan's Song (Cajun Trilogy) Max Quertermous
1978 Throw Me Something Mister God Mel Berry
[1978] When You Coming Back, Red Ryder Greg Mullins
1979 Antigone  
1979 Fiddler on the Roof Mel Berry
1979 The Rimers of Eldritch Paul Jefferson
1979 The Spring Banquet  
[1980] A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Mel Berry
1980 Buried Child Paul Jefferson
[1980] God’s Trombones  
[1980] Of Mice and Men Paul Jefferson
[1981] The Shadow Box Paul Jefferson
1981 The Taming of the Shrew Mel Berry
1981 Viet Rock Paul Jefferson
1982 Equus Mel Berry
1982 The Music Man Mel Berry
1982 Vanities Rick Duet
[1983] Equus Mel Berry
1983 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Rick Duet
1983 Scrooge (Musical) Mel Berry
1983 Tartuffe Mel Berry
1984 Angel Street (aka Gas Light) Mel Berry
1984 Midsummer Night’s Dream Rick Duet
1984 Scrooge (Musical) Mel Berry
1985 Barefoot in the Park Glen Gomez
1985 Inherit the Wind Mel Berry
1985 The Sound of Music Mel Berry
1986 Dark of the Moon Rick Duet
1986 Much Ado About Nothing Rick Duet
1986 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Sandra King
1987 Greater Tuna Glen Gomez
1987 Man of LaMancha Dr. Fields
1987 The Wayside Motor Inn Glen Gomez
1988 Death of a Salesman Rick Duet
1988 Feiffer’s People  
1988 The Merchant of Venice Mel Berry
1989 Bus Stop Rick Duet
1989 Nunsense  
1989 Steel Magnolias Ailene Hendrickson
1989 Veronica’s Room Mel Berry/Alice Beverley
1990 The Last of the Red Hot Lovers  
1990 Murder in the Magnolias Daniel Adams
1990 Noises Off Mel Berry
1990 The Great American Cheese Sandwich Alice Beverley
1990 The Night of the Iguana Mel Berry
1991 Lysistrata Mel Berry
1991 The Octette Bridge Club Mel Berry
1991 Westside Story Mel Berry
1992 Baby With the Bathwater Mel Berry
1992 The House of the Blue Leaves Mel Berry
1993 Measure for Measure Mel Berry
1993 To Kill a Mockingbird Mel Berry
[1994] Frankenstein Mel Berry
1994 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Mel Berry
1995 Biloxi Blues Alice Beverley Munson
1995 The Lion in Winter Mel Berry
1995 The Star Spangled Girl Mel Berry
[1996] Gris Gris Mel Berry
1996 Rashomon Mel Berry
1997 Importance of being Earnest Mel Berry
1997 Lean on Me  
1998 Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up Melissa Hopson-Sparks/ Monica Monk
1998 Don’t Drink the Water Christopher Buckel
1998 Golden Theater Memories Mel Berry
1999 An Ivy in the Moss Mel Berry
2000 Dracula Stanley Coleman
2000 Story Theatre Stanley Coleman
2000 The Bad Seed Stanley Coleman
2000 The Complete History of America  
2000 The Complete Works of Shakespeare Stanley Coleman
2001 Dark of the Moon Stanley Coleman
[2002] Our Town Stanley Coleman
2002 The Crucible Stanley Coleman
2003 A Lesson Before Dying  
2003 The Good Doctor  
2004 Sweeney Todd the Barber Stanley Coleman
2005 Steel Magnolias Stanley Coleman
2005 Story Theatre  
2005 The Laramie Project Stanley Coleman
2006 Midsummer Night’s Dream Stanley Coleman
2006 The Imaginary Invalid Stanley Coleman
2007 Oedipus the King Stanley Coleman
2008 Spoon River Anthology Stanley Coleman
2008 The Glass Menagerie Stanley Coleman
[2009] Arsenic and Old Lace Stanley Coleman
2009 A Streetcar Named Desire Stanley Coleman
[2010] Big Love  
2010 The Diviners Stanley Coleman
2011 A Lesson Before Dying Daniel Ruiz
[2011] Great American Trailer Park  
2012 Almost, Maine  
2014 Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead Anna Broussard
[2016] A Midsummer Night’s Dream Anna Broussard
2016 Peter/Wendy  
2017 She Kills Monsters  
2017 Godspell Anna Broussard
2018 All the World's a Grave Anna Broussard
2018 As Long as the Earth Last Anna Broussard
1963-1964 Pirates of Penzance  
1966-1968 You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Musical)  
1982-1983 You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Musical)  
1983-1984 A Christmas Carol  
1984-1986 All the King's Men  
1992-1994 Love Letters  
1994-1996 Last of the Red Hot Lovers  
1996-1998 Mass Appeal  
? Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  
? Desire Under the Elms  
? Garden District Loyal Duet
? The Cherry Orchard  
? The Matchmaker  
? The Vigil  

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