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Student Organization and Activity Records

From its early days as a junior college, Nicholls has had a rich history of student organizations and activities on campus. These groups reflect the interests, skills, and professional goals students have shared, as well as how the University has changed over time. Many of these groups have left behind records of their activities (such as scrapbooks, meeting minutes, membership lists, photographs, and more), which are available for use in the University Archives. 

The list below includes all the primary resources relating to student organizations (arranged alphabetically by group name) held by the Nicholls Archives. In addition to these resources, we maintain research files for each University organization with copies of information from issues of the La Pirogue yearbook. An exhibit of materials from student organization records is available online.

Student Orgs Main

Adult Health and Human Development Program 
Clippings and scrapbooks (1992-2007). 
Location: Adult Health and Development Program Records (UA.00006) 
Agriculture Club 
Clipping, memo, and notices (1973-1983). 
Location: President's Papers 
Alpha Beta Alpha Library Science Fraternity 
Charter, memorial plaque, correspondence, invitations, newsletters, and notices (1965-1974). 
Location: Records of Alpha Beta Alpha Fraternity (UA.00008); President's Papers 
Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society 
Membership lists, correspondence, certificate, order sheets, minutes, sketch, and scrapbook (1967-1970, undated). 
Location: President's Papers; Records of Alpha Sigma Gamma Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (UA.00014)
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 
Letter and copy of chapter charter (1975-1990). 
Location: Records of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (UA.00017) 

B.A.C.C.H.U.S. (Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) 

Promotional flyer (undated). 
Location: B.A.C.C.H.U.S. Flyer (UA.00018) 
Chamber Singers 
Posters and programs (1980s-2015). 
Location: Music Department Records 
Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Honor Society 
Invitation (1990). 
Location: Chi Sigma Iota Invitation (UA.00019) 
Concert Choir 
Posters and programs (1980s-2015). 
Location: Music Department Records 
Cycling Club 
Brochure (undated) 
Location: Nicholls State University Cycling Club (UA. 00020)
Delta Psi Kappa Women's Physical Education Honor Society
Scrapbook (1972-1973). 
Location: Gamma Alpha Chapter of Delta Psi Kappa Scrapbook (UA.00010). 
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity 
Greek Week doubloons (1970). 
Location: President's Papers 
Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity 
Charter and composite picture (1967-1996). 
Location: Records of the Eta Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi (UA.00016) 
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 
Letter (1990). 
Location: Delta Sigma Theta Letter (UA.00021) 
Delta Zeta Sorority 
Photographs, flyer, banquet program, resolution (1970-2008). 
Location: Records of the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Delta Zeta Sorority (UA.00022); President's Papers 
French Louisiana Club 
Notices, newsletters, and supplements (1974). 
Location: President's Papers. 
Government Club 
Notices (1974-1978). 
Location: President's Papers. 
Interfraternity Council 
Publications and memorabilia. 
Location: Office of Student Life Records; Office of Student Affairs Records 
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 
Programs for memorial service for former chapter Vice President (2006). 
Location: Records of the Lambda Sigma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (UA.00027) 
KVFG FM Radio 
Notices (1973-1981). 
Location: President's Papers. 
La Pirogue 
Petition and sweetheart materials (nominations and ballots), notices (1969-1978). 
Location: President's Papers. 
Louisiana Association of Visual Arts (LAVA) 
Notices (1970). 
Location: President's Papers. 
Nicholls College Reading Council 
Charter, constitution, minutes, correspondence, brochure, clipping, and membership lists (1959-1962). 
Location: President's Papers. 
National Collegiate Association for Secretaries (NCAS) 
Charter and scrapbooks (1967-1986). 
Location: Records of the National Collegiate Association for Secretaries at Nicholls State University (UA.00004) 
National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) 
Posters and scrapbooks (1979-2006). 
Location: Records of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association at Nicholls State University (UA.00002) 
Nicholls Food Service Executives Association 
Scrapbooks (1984-1991). 
Location: Nicholls Food Service Executives Association Scrapbooks (UA.00005) 
Nicholls Players 
Programs, notes, photographs and negatives, scripts, clippings, tickets, posters, and flyers (1970-2010). 
Location: Mass Communication Department Records; President's Papers; Dr. Melvin Berry Papers (MS.00175), Daniel Duplantis Papers (MS.00038); Max Quartermous Papers
Nicholls Singers 
Posters and programs. 
Location: Music Department Records 
Nicholls State University Honor Society 
Constitution, pins, financial materials, minutes, membership lists, correspondence, manual, reports, memoranda, programs, and ephemera (1964-1974). 
Location: President's Papers 
Nicholls Student Veterans Organization 
Photograph albums, scrapbooks, and other materials documenting Veterans Day activities and other member activities
Location: Records of the Nicholls Student Veterans Organization (UA.00003) 
Nicholls Worth 
Notices, issues and picture relating to the death of three students (1973-1978). 
Location: Office of Student Publications Records 
Nickel Investment Club 
Memoranda, letters, minutes, treasurer's reports, and stock reports (1967-1970). 
Location: President's Papers 
Panhellenic Conference 
Location: Office of Student Life Records; Office of Student Affairs Records 
Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society 
Installation and initiation materials, member list, notices, and correspondence (1968-1990). 
Location: President's Papers, Phi Alpha Theta Program and Letter (UA.00023) 
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society 
Membership and initiation lists, announcement, programs, constitution and laws, manual, pamphlets, correspondence, poster, clippings, and scrapbook (1969-1980s). 
Location: President's Papers; Records of the Nicholls State University Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society (UA.00011) 
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 
Charter, petitions, brochures, membership lists, printed materials, insignia, news releases, programs, photographs, minutes, notices, reports, correspondence, and certificates (1973-2002). 
Location: President's Papers; Records of Chapter 157 of Phi Kappa Phi (UA.00015) 
Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity 
Colony materials, invitation and petition to national chapter, letter, and banner (1966-1992). 
Location: President's Papers; Records of the Louisiana Nu Omega Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity (UA.00013) 
Phi Mu Fraternity 
Photographs, printed materials, invitation, and pin (1946-2015). 
Location: Records of the Kappa Eta Chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity (UA.00012) 
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society 
Pamphlets, candles, correspondence, membership lists, membership card, ribbons, and forms (1948-1957). 
Location: President's Papers 
Photography Club 
See Louisiana Association of Visual Arts: Notices (1970). 
Physical Education Majors’ (PEM) Club 
Scrapbook (1993). 
Location: Nicholls State University Physical Education Majors' Club Scrapbook (UA.00009). 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity 
Centennial Convention paperweight (1968). 
Location: Pi Kappa Alpha Paperweight (UA.00024) 
Pi Sigma Epsilon Marketing and Sales Management Fraternity 
Graduate book (1967). 
Location: President's Papers 
Pre-Law Club 
See Government Club. 
Propeller Club 
Memo (1963). 
Location: President's Papers 
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) 
Reports, awards, pamphlets, posters, correspondence, photographs, hat, car plate, scrapbook, helmet, insignia, and clipping (1952-1991). 
Location: Military Sciences Department Records 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity 
Fraternity documents, awards, print materials, audiovisual materials, photographs, volumes, and memorabilia (2004-2015). 
Location: Records of the Louisiana Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (UA.00001) 
Sigma Nu Fraternity 
Composite photograph (1987-1988). 
Location: Photograph of Sigma Nu Fraternity (UA.0012) 
Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society
Insignia (undated).
Location: Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society Insignia (UA.00028)
Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society 
Issues of newsletter, Pulsating on Excellence (2006-2009). 
Location: Records of Xi Zeta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (UA.00025) 
Student Government Association 
Location: Student Government Association Records 
Student Louisiana Teachers Association (SLTA) 
Scrapbooks and notices (1968-1977). 
Location: President's Papers; Records of the Frank Shufeldt Chapter of the Student Louisiana Teachers Association (UA.00007) 
Student Programming Association 
Location: Records of the Student Programming Association 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 
Copy of the TKE Guide (c. 2010). 
Location: Tau Kappa Epsilon Guide (UA.00026) 
Young Progressives Club 
Constitution and invitation (undated). 
Location: President's Papers 
Untitled Graduate Assistants Organization 
Letter (1982). 
Location: President's Papers 


Interested in donating to the Archives?

If you have materials relating to a Nicholls student organization that you are interested in donating to the archives, please contact us for more information.

Student Org Pics

 National Collegiate Association for Secretaries Scrapbook (1986)Agriculture Club Agriculture Club (1974)DSP CharterDelta Sigma Pi Charter (1967)  Nicholls Players Poster (1981)

Air Force paperweight Arnold Air Society (Air Force ROTC) Paperweight (1969) Sigma Alpha Epsilon Homecoming Parade Photograph (2007) SLTA Chapter Activities Student Louisiana Teachers Association Activity List (1968)